3D Sound Panel Warranty

This Warranty Service Contract (the "Contract") is offered by Renosupplies Pte Ltd ('RS"). The words "we" "us" and "our" refer to RS.and "you" and "your", the purchaser of this Contract. Your rights and obligations under this Contract become operative from the date of expiry of the manufacturer's original warranty in relation to the product which you have purchased (the "Product).

12 Months Manufacturers Warranty

Our Warranty includes original defects on the products. This warranty covers pre-existing faults in materials and any issues of workmanship. Please understand that damage done by a user is not covered in this warranty. This includes: normal wear / tear, any damage resulting from an accident, improper handling enduring excessive weight, exposure to extreme temperatures, abrasive surfaces, and any type of moisture or oily substances.

Repair/Replacement Information

You would need to provide us with evidence of the Manufacturer defects by means of a digital photo emailed to us for our record. If we deem that it is a manufacturer defect, we have the sole option to replace your Product with like kind, quality and specifications. If the original Product is replaced, this Contract will cease from the replacement date.  To validate coverage, please ensure you keep all the proof of purchase, such as email receipts.

Contract Termination

This Contract will terminate automatically: () upon expiry of the term of this Contract, (i) upon replacement of the Product or (in) upon written notification of termination of this Contract within 30 days of original purchase of this Contract, whichever is the earlier.

Transfer of Warranty to Second Owner

If you sell or transfer your Product to another consumer that is not found in our records or does not produce any proof of this transfer , the contract is automatically terminated.


This Contract is not an insurance policy or guarantee; it is a service contract. This Contract is not a guarantee or promise relating to the nature of the material, workmanship or performance of your Product covered by this Contract.