About Us

I am not a Handyman


How many of you are like me? I dislike doing any house projects because they are time consuming, messy, tedious and costly. What really stops me is the fear of doing something that cannot be reversed and regret of not being to change it after it is installed. When issues arise, I also do not have the full arsenal of tools nor the know-how to fix them.


Many modern homeowners , like myself, are investing into the escalating cost of renovating their new homes then get bored with their designs 5 years later. Wear and tear throughout the house that threatens the immediate need for attention to fix or maintain. Also, over time our possessions grow and clutters every available storage spaces.


These are the reasons why we started Howihome. Our vision is to enable home owners , like yourself,  be your own interior designers and cutting away every middle men so that you can build your dream home without spending a bomb. 


We promise to share tips and tricks on home and living improvement, discover and review great products for our homes and get inspired by styles and trends so that you can save time, money and effort!


To show you how serious we are that you save,  we are happy to provide values like Free Delivery, Money Back Satisfaction and even Interest Free Instalments.


We hope with all of these now, even though we are not handy, we can still build a home that we look forward to coming home everyday. 

We can't wait to see how you home !