No Drilling Or Messy Installation : Literally install this panel anytime and anywhere without the need to tie in a full renovation! No drilling, no mess! Use BluTack for regular refreshes or use Max Bond glue to make it permanent.


Modular Design : The totally hassle-free installation comes in the form of modular panels, which allows small quantities to cover large areas for a higher perception value!

Sound Absorption :
Create peaceful surroundings with these high density foam panels which help in excellent absorption and deflection of sound.

No HDB Permits Necessary :
Totally forego all that hardcore paperwork and red tape, because there is no need to get any HDB permits for the installation of these panels!

Turnaround Within A Day :
Restyle homes in an instant with these panels. No expensive and extensive manpower required for this quick turnaround.

Soft Cushioning Safety :
These panels will help cushion your hard walls and make them safe for kids to run around.

Corner Friendliness :
These panels are soft and easy to cut, making designs flow around corners. At the same time, they act as protection over sharp edges.

Easy To Maintain :
These long life panels are highly easy to maintain as there is no need for intensive cleaning. Covered with PU leather, you can simply wipe off with water.

Extremely Lightweight :
The incredibly lightweight design allows these panels to be installed on ceilings as well!

Elegant Finishes :
The soft finishing is also very soothing and comfortable for daily living. With a comprehensive collection, bringing creative styling to homes.