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This multi-geometric hexagon-shaped panel with artful dimpling will open up a world of statement décor possibilities with its scenic design!

These inverted 3D hexagonal panels will add a bold statement to your plain walls – be it in a residential, commercial, or even retail area! Their gorgeous aesthetics, trippy optical illusions, and variety of colors will provide you with so many amazing opportunities to experiment with your accent walls! The easy installation and minimal maintenance are attractive features, but what’s even better is the way you can create customized quirky, fun, and eclectic designs on your major walls with them! You can create an incomplete accent pattern on your living room/bedroom walls with it, or you could elevate your dining nooks with its modular, fully customizable pattern!


    3D Sound Panels are named aptly for it being 3 Dimensional to deflect sound and formed with high density foam which also helps sound absorption. It is wrapped fully by high quality PU Leather without any hard backing board used so that it can easily be trimmed by knife to fit any area.


    No Drilling Or Messy Installation : Literally install this panel anytime and anywhere without the need to tie in a full renovation! No drilling, no mess! Use BluTack for regular refreshes or use Max Bond glue to make it permanent.


    Modular Design : The totally hassle-free installation comes in the form of modular panels, which allows small quantities to cover large areas for a higher perception value!

    Sound Absorption :
    Create peaceful surroundings with these high density foam panels which help in excellent absorption and deflection of sound when you fully cover the walls with them.

    No HDB Permits Necessary :
    Totally forego all that hardcore paperwork and red tape, because there is no need to get any HDB permits for the installation of these panels!

    Turnaround Within A Day :
    Restyle homes in an instant with these panels. No expensive and extensive manpower required for this quick turnaround.

    Soft Cushioning Safety :
    These panels will help cushion your hard walls and make them safe for kids to run around.

    Corner Friendliness :
    These panels are soft and easy to cut, making designs flow around corners. At the same time, they act as protection over sharp edges.

    Easy To Maintain :
    These long life panels are highly easy to maintain as there is no need for intensive cleaning. Covered with PU leather, you can simply wipe off with water.

    Extremely Lightweight :
    The incredibly lightweight design allows these panels to be installed on ceilings as well and not hurt anyone if they ever to fall off!

    Elegant Finishes :
    The soft finishing is also very soothing and comfortable for daily living. With a comprehensive collection, bringing creative styling to homes.





    We recommend Bostik Blu Tack instead of many similar brands which is not sticky enough to hold it up for long. Simply use about the size of a 10-cent coin and place it at 4 each corners and 1 in the middle. Put the product up onto the wall and when you are satisfied, press it firmly in so that the putty will spread out to hold more surface. 1 pack is sufficient for 10 pieces. *We love this so much that we have thrown this in for you! 

    Use this if 

    • You are still testing out your design or seek your spouse opinion first.
    • You are easily bored and wants to redesign it again or change to another room.
    • You are moving house soon and want to bring it along.
    • Place high enough that is out of reach for kids.


    FOR PERMANENT INSTALLATION (This is a non-reversible option)


    We recommend Wessbond Magic Nails. No there's no nails in there so don't go looking for it.  The tube release a bonding agent that dries relatively fast and is strong to hold the product firmly to your wall. Simply squeeze out a ball of liquid the size of a 5mm ball at 4 or 5 corners and 1 in the middle. Put the product up onto the wall and when you are satisfied, press it firmly in so that the liquid will spread out to hold more surface. 

    Use this if 

    • You do not want it to be peeled out by curious people.
    • You are worried it might drop.
    • You really like your design and want it to stay permanently.
    • Place low that might accidentally get knocked out


    Either way you go, we have prepared both of these adhesion choices for you under our Tools category. 

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